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Personal Information 
We handle all information that you enter as confidential information. We never sell or give out any data that you provide. Information that you enter is only used by us to identify you as a user of our shop and for making your experience in the shop better.

Change Password 
If you want to change your password you can do so. It is recommended, that you change your password once in a while. Also remember to make your password safe. Avoid using your login as password, don't use blank passwords and further more you shouldn't use words that are in a dictionary or words that are easily related to you. You can change your password here.

Ledger Entries 
If you are a Business-2-Business customer in our shop then we support that you can see your ledger entries. Enter the ledger entries via the account menu or click here.

Forgotten password 
If you have forgotten your password we have a service, that creates a new password for you and send it to the email address, which you have specified along with your user account information. Click here to get a new password.


All products are delivered to you by a shipping provider. Delivery is paid by the customer. If an order is to be shipped abroad exact costs of delivery will be agreed upon directly with the customer. Delivery normally takes place with-in 5 business days. If the delivery is delayed, you will be notified by email.

Shipping address 
You have the possibility to enter a shipping address, which is different from the billing address. The bill is send to you and the product(s) including a packaging list will be send to the shipping address.

Partial Delivery 
Whenever an item for your order is in stock it will be reserved for your order. If not all items are ready to ship (i.e. out of stock or waiting for assembly) we will send the items in stock to you. You will then receive the remaining items as they become available. If you want all items send together, please specify so in the comment line on the order pad.


Return Policy 
You have 14 days to regret your order. If you regret please return the goods to the shop (address details at the bottom of the page). You must pay postage yourself. When returning items they must be in the same condition as when you received the goods.

If you choose to return item(s) you will get a refund after we have received the item(s) and have ensured that the item(s) are as it/they should be. The refund will be deposited in to your bank account, so please remember to write your bank account details. You can get a refund up until one year after you have bought the items. After that you can make no objections to your order.

All complaints are handled as quickly as possible. When we receive a complaint about one or more items we will decide whether the item will be repaired, exchanged or whether the customer will be given a price reduction. We will take care of and pay the postal costs when there are errors in our products.

Packing and Sending 
It is your responsibility that all items returned to us are packed safely.

Privacy & Security

What do we Guarantee? 
We guarantee that you will always be given the best treatment when shopping in our shop. We want satisfied customers and we see satisfaction as a deed. All the information that you give us will be handled strictly confidential. You can always contact us using postal service, email or phone. We will get back to you as soon as possible when sending us mail or email.

Personal Information 
We register your name, address and order(s) in our financial system. This information is not given to third parties but they are stored for 5 years for financial reasons. Please see further details in the section on your user account.

All online payments happen via a secure server where all information across the Internet is being encrypted.

The shop uses cookies to ensure your security when sending information to the shop. Cookies are used to give you the unique experiences in the shop as the cookie remember who you are while being logged in. When you log out the cookie will be deleted.

User behavior log 
In order to improve and make the shop more useful in the future, we might save information on how the shop is being used. The behaviors are collected in our data warehouse and are analyzed for extending user services.


BBIZZ Adventure in Sports 
All rights for the shop belong to BBIZZ Adventure in Sports. All products listed on our site are listed with our vendors’ approval. Any copying or reproduction of the shop or any of its contents is illegal and are protected by international laws.

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Opening hours 
The internet shop is only closed shortly when we are updating items in our catalog. 
The physical store and our phones are open: 
Monday – Friday: 9:00 - 17:00 
Saturday and Sunday: Closed.

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