Privacy Policy

Privacy & Security

What do we Guarantee? 
We guarantee that you will always be given the best treatment when shopping in our shop. We want satisfied customers and we see satisfaction as a deed. All the information that you give us will be handled strictly confidential. You can always contact us using postal service, email or phone. We will get back to you as soon as possible when sending us mail or email.

Personal Information 
We register your name, address and order(s) in our financial system. This information is not given to third parties but they are stored for 5 years for financial reasons. Please see further details in the section on your user account.

All online payments happen via a secure server where all information across the Internet is being encrypted.

The shop uses cookies to ensure your security when sending information to the shop. Cookies are used to give you the unique experiences in the shop as the cookie remember who you are while being logged in. When you log out the cookie will be deleted.

User behavior log 
In order to improve and make the shop more useful in the future, we might save information on how the shop is being used. The behaviors are collected in our data warehouse and are analyzed for extending user services.

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